Pang Sida National Park



Pang Sida National Park  a forest of great interest. The study of wildlife. Because wild animals and birds, over 300 species of birds such as peacocks, one point that wildlife is near Khlong Plu area ravines with abandoned farm currently has a prairie wildlife species. Often came to drink Animals found in this area are deer, wild boar, bison, elephants and colorful butterflies are massively. Especially during the rainy season See which butterflies There are a lot of extra hours during the month of June - July. The tourists can capture an impression with colorful butterfly wings pretty nice over 350 species


Pang Sida Butterfly Watching Festival held every year in early June - July.  There are many activities such as puppet butterfly contest. And parade puppet butterfly  activities to do implant bulging butterfly. Collaborative learning activities with butterflies and introduction of photography butterfly butterfly watchers and photographers. Photo exhibition Shooting Butterflies  the butterflies take a look at various points of the park closely and be ready to advise on species. There are over 350 species of butterflies that have brought tourists visiting the forest Pang Sida's Nature Trail. And watch butterfly varieties According to the Butterfly Watching butterflies should start from. During the morning, at about 09:00 hrs. In the morning sun light  


Pang Sida National Park   declared Park on   22. February BE 2525   It is a national park that is located in Ward 41 of the Ta Phraya district   Watthana Nakhon district   Muang Kaew   offense and district Nadi   Prachinburi   the total area covers approximately 527,500 acres or about 844 square kilometers. Replete with beautiful sights. Forest rich Especially important is the study of wildlife. It has more than 300 birds and rare wildlife species such as   Hornbill   Peacock , etc. Including the freshwater crocodiles. It is believed that only one in Thailand


On the   14. July   BE 2548   Khao Yai National Park .   Thap Lan   Pang color. da Ta Phraya   and Sanctuary woods   have been. declared a   " natural heritage "   of the organization UNESCO   under the   " Dong Phaya Yen - he "

Pang Sida National Park
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